i suppose that one could say that in this life of ours there are those definitive moments of crystal clear quality that even admist the battle clarity will prevail above all. we’ll naturally gravitate towards them, because these are the lifeboats of our trying times, we do this when we feel that the universe makes no sense. reality shattered. that, instead of picking up the puzzle pieces, we can take this one piece of clarity to move on with and to hold onto. the lifeboats are what makes us. our being is only whole by the good, what is bad and the hardships. as we will constantly move forward, trying new things, indulging bad habits and coast we’ll cross over with these pivotal moments. small snap shots of time where the road will diverge and you choose what is easy or what is hard. selfishness and the feeling of what is right is the path most taken. its is not to say whether this is right or wrong because its clarity. there is neither wrong or right just a moment we used to get by; to find a smile and catch a ray of sunshine.